Monique's International Counselors program

In conjunction with Monique's Caring Hands Center, Caribbean People International Collective Inc., presents our International Counselors Program. This program will give a unique opportunity to young adults from around the country to provide help within the caribbean. This program will allows participants on work and volunteer in the Monique's Caring Hands Center located in Georgetown, Guyana.

Monique’s Caring Hands Center, the first of twenty NGO’s establish within the Caribbean, is the brainchild of Dawn Stewart, founder/ CEO of CPIC Inc. Dawn officially opened CPIC Monique’s Caring Hands Center in August of 2003. The center is named after Monique Gildarhie, Monique Gildarhie, a 24 year old Guyanese young woman in the peak of her life who died in 2002 from AIDS. Ms. Stewart was a personal friend of Monique who died of AIDS in 2002 and was a member of the support group of persons living with AIDS in Guyana. Concerned about the type of care b CPIC eing provided to HIV/AIDS patients, Ms. Stewart was determined to find funds and support for her fellow Guyanese to succeed in her goal of building a hospice.

CPIC, Monique Helping Hands Support Center offers support programs designed to meet the unique needs of Caribbean families infected with or affected by HIV and AIDS while at the same time promoting healthy lifestyles.

CPIC Monique Helping Hands Support Center counseling centers offers community support through individual, family, couples or group counseling. The first goal of the program is to increase the number of persons who receive voluntary HIV counseling and testing amongst sexually active persons, pregnant women while at the same time promoting abstinence, condom usage and monogamous relationships. The Second goal is to ensure behavioral changes through culturally based training addressing Obeah, Voodoo and other superstitious beliefs, the roles of male and female in relationship building and sexual negotiation skills.

Monique’s Helping Hands support Center programs offer the following programs:

  • Sista to Sista Women Health & Support Care
  • BeBop Men’s Health & Support Care
  • Skills Training for Youths
  • Peer-Counseling
  • Youth Summit
  • Condom Use incentive plan
  • Behavioral care model incentive plan.
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Testing

Each model is integrated with case management, mental health, MTCT, Nutrition, behavioral modification and medical subspecialty assessment.